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2710 titles found in the genre 'Strategy'
Title Released Genre Platforms
Assault Heroes

Also known as

Strategy: Combat
Xbox 360 Download
Planetary Annihilation

Also known as Planetary Annihilation: Early Access Edition

Strategy: Combat
PC Download
Frontlines: Fuel of War

Also known as

Strategy: Combat
Xbox DVD
Advance Wars: Under Fire

ANNO 1800

Also known as [ANNO 1800]

2018 PC DVD
Farming Simulator 19

Also known as [Farming Simulator 19]

2018 PS4 Blu-Ray
Xbox One Blu-Ray
Space Hulk: Tactics

Also known as [Space Hulk: Tactics]

2018 Xbox One Blu-Ray
Total War: Three Kingdoms

Also known as [Total War: Three Kingdoms]

2018 PC DVD
Warriors Orochi 4

Also known as [Warriors Orochi 4]

2018 PS4 Blu-Ray
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Also known as [Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden]

2018 Xbox One Download

Also known as [Keen]

2018 PC Download
This Is the Police 2

Also known as [This Is the Police 2]

2018 PS4 Blu-Ray
Switch Cartridge
Xbox One Blu-Ray
Quar: Infernal Machines

Also known as [Quar: Infernal Machines]

2018 PS4 Blu-Ray
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

Also known as [Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2]

2018 PC DVD
The Last of Us Part II

Also known as [The Last of Us Part II]

2018 PS4 Blu-Ray